" Safely Disintegrate Your Gallstones And Find Relief Immediately Without Risky Surgery "

Introducing the first advanced treatment to dissolve and flush out gallstones naturally.

GallCleanse is the first clinically supported natural therapy that specifically eliminates gallstones by breaking them down at the molecular level and cleansing out all your bile ducts. Unlike other therapies, GallCleanse also detoxifies your liver and improves gallbladder function to prevent stones from ever recurring.

About Gallstones

One in ten people suffers from symptomatic (painful) gallstones, making gallstones one of the most common digestive disorders in the world. They are also among the most painful. Gallstone attacks are caused by an inflamed gallbladder going into spasms when a stone hits the sensitive inner lining of the gallbladder. The pain starts in the upper-right abdomen and can last for days.

Gallstones are also extremely dangerous. If left untreated, they can lead to potentially fatal complications such as ruptured gallbladder, liver failure and pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). Each year, thousands of people die from conditions brought on by untreated gallstones, and thousands more undergo risky surgery to remove their gallbladder.

You might have gallstones and not even know it. Millions of people carry so-called 'silent' gallstones that do not cause symptoms yet continue to grow in the gallbladder. Eventually, they grow large enough to cause pain or internal damage.

Why Do Gallstones Form?

Gallstones are not just a problem of the gallbladder - they're also a problem of the liver. New research on gallstones has revealed they're formed by a combination of poor liver function and incomplete gallbladder contractions.

Your liver produces a digestive fluid called bile. This fluid is stored in the gallbladder and breaks down dietary fat. When we eat foods that contain fats, the gallbladder contracts completely, releasing the bile into the small intestine.

Because the liver also acts as the blood's main filter, it is exposed to many toxins. These toxins take their toll on the liver and weaken it. Instead of producing free flowing bile, the liver produces thick, sticky bile over-saturated with cholesterol.

Gallstones form when this bile builds up in the gallbladder. Usually, the gallbladder fully contracts and empties out bile. However, many people have gallbladders that only partly contract. These partial contractions leave behind bile sludge in the gallbladder. Eventually, the cholesterol molecules in the bile sludge harden to form gallstones.

Is Treatment Necessary?

Gallstones are extremely dangerous if left untreated. Tragically, many people make the mistake of 'waiting out' their stones, hoping they will pass on their own. You should know why waiting for a stone to pass is one of the worst things you can do:

Waiting Longer Increases Risks of Organ Damage

By the time you can feel a gallstone, it is probably too late to wait for it to pass as it is already too large to move safely through the bile ducts. If it tries to pass through, it could become stuck, which will block the flow of bile and lead to tissue and organ damage.

Caution: If a stone is forced out of the gallbladder (naturally by contractions or with a flush) without first being dissolved it can get lodged and damage organs in the digestive system:

  • If the stone gets lodged while leaving the gallbladder, it causes inflammation of the gallbladder or cholecystitis, leading to severe abdominal pain and requiring the surgical removal of the gallbladder.
  • If the stone passes completely out of the gallbladder area and gets stuck in the bile duct, it causes cholangitis or inflammation of the bile duct walls. This inflammation narrows the bile duct walls, causing bile to back up until it damages the liver. Cirrhosis of the liver is a potentially fatal complication of this condition.
  • If the stone travels down the bile duct, it can get caught in the passageway leading to the pancreas, inflaming the pancreas in a condition known as pancreatitis. When pancreatitis occurs, digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas become active in the pancreas and actually digest the pancreas itself.

Please note that it's easy to be tricked by the absence of pain. But even silent (painless) stones are dangerous. Each years thousands of people have to go through emergency surgery simply because they ignored their stones, hoping they would go away. Instead, their gallstones grew until they caused internal damage.

What Treatments are Available?

Shockingly, surgical removal of the gallbladder was once the most common treatment for gallstones. Now, new advances in digestive research have led to the development of safer treatments, such as natural dissolution therapy.

Discover which treatment is best for you:

Cholecystectomy or gallbladder surgery was once the most common treatment for gallstones. Originally, in order to remove the gallbladder, surgeons had to perform open cholecystectomy, a risky open surgery that required at least a week long hospital stay and a month long recovery period.

Later, advances in medicine allowed surgeons to do laparoscopic cholecystectomy. In this procedure, the surgeon makes tiny incisions in your abdomen and inserts a small camera and cutting tools. While this surgery is safer than open cholecystectomies, it still carries the risk of internal bleeding.

Today, gallbladder surgery is seen as a last resort. The gallbladder is an important organ. Without it, the liver will drip bile directly onto the small intestine. This usually results in chronic diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, requiring life-long changes in diet.

Also, gallbladder surgery does not prevent new gallstones from forming.  Even after gallbladder removal, gallstones can still form in the bile ducts. In fact, 40% of patients who have undergone gallbladder removal report continuing gallstone attacks years after their surgery!

Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is a non- invasive procedure where shockwaves are used to break apart the gallstone in the gallbladder. However, it is seldom used, as gallstones are usually too large and thick to be broken down by ESWL, and because of a risk that a shattered stone could injure nearby organs. Also, recent research suggests ESWL can damage capillaries, leading to diabetes or hypertension.

Expectant Management (Wait-and-See) is unfortunately the most common approach and relies on the myth that gallstones will pass on their own.

A stone seldom passes on its own.It is a rapidly growing clump that becomes harder to treat with time. Sooner or later a normal contraction of the gall bladder will propel the stone into the narrow bile ducts. A lodged stone will cause immense pain and can lead to expensive - and dangerous - complications.

Natural Dissolution Therapy (NDT), such as GallCleanse, is a clinically approved natural solution to gallstones.

NDT uses safe, natural, plant-derived compounds to disintegrate gallstones by targeting their molecular structure. NDT is also a 'complete' solution, in that it detoxifies the liver and improves gallbladder contractions. By targeting the root of the problem, NDT is an effective means of not only treating gallstones, but preventing them.

Because NDT therapies are completely natural, they have no known side-effects and are one of the treatments now most commonly recommended by doctors.

Is GallCleanseTM RIght for Me?

Doctors know that gallstones are a serious medical condition requiring urgent, effective treatment. The only form of treatment without harmful side effects that doctors recommend to both dissolve gallstones and prevent their recurrence is Natural Dissolution Therapy (NDT). GallCleanse, as the leading NDT brand, has been developed based years evaluations of clinical studies and is 100% safe & effective. A review of over 35 studies has contributed to the design and manufacture of GallCleanse.Thousands of people worldwide rely on it each day to bring them relief from the pain and dangers of gallstone attacks.

Before you start a new supplement, it's best to know how it works for you.

GallCleanse Is Clinically Proven To:

  1. Stop painful gallstone attacks - natural anti-inflammatories and relaxants soothe the gallbladder and keep it from going into painful spasms.
  2. Disintegrate the stone at a microscopic level - a powerful oil complex breaks down the stone material completely.
  3. Flush out all dissolved particles painlessly - herbal extracts wash over the dissolved particles and make sure the gallbladder and all digestive ducts are thoroughly cleansed and free from blockages.
  4. Keep gallstones from forming again - clinically tested extracts are used to detoxify the liver so it produces better bile, and special compounds improve gallbladder contractions - ensuring that you will never have another painful stone again!

If you feel any symptoms the stone is already large enough to either get lodged or cause severe irritation and damage when it is passed. Taking prompt action to first dissolve, then flush, the stone can spell the difference between relief and gallbladder surgery.

GallCleanse is the only Natural Dissolution Therapy that is based on the findings of fifteen independent studies and accomplishes all 4 important aspects of gallstone treatment.

What Does GallCleanseTM Contain?

GallCleanse™ is safe from side effects since it contains all-natural ingredients. GallCleanse is made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from some of the most reputable suppliers.

The GallCleanseTM formula contains the following all-natural extracts:

Dissolvent - dissolves stone & relaxes gallbladder spasms

  • Menthol, Menthone and Camphene Complex contains powerful, naturally occurring substances called monoterpenes, that are clinically proven to break down cholesterol molecules in gallstones.
  • Carraway Oil Complex is a clinically proven gallbladder relaxant. Relaxing the gallbladder is one of the most important first steps in ending gallstone pain
  • Fennel Seed Oil has two stabilizing compounds that act as carriers for the dissolving complex. These compounds protect the stomach lining and allow for quick transport of bioactive compounds to the stone.


  • Silymarin Extract is a very well studied herb that acts directly on the liver to improve the liquidity of the bile. Once the bile is able to flow freely, it can easily flush out gallstones and prevent new stones from recurring.
  • Betaine Extract safely eliminates fatty deposits in the liver to lower cholesterol content in the bile. The free-flowing, low cholesterol bile naturally flushes out all obstructions in the gallbladder.
  • CurcuminExtract is clinically proven to help the gallbladder resume full contractions to completely pump out stone particles
  • Oregon Grape Extract quickly eases all gallstone pain by relaxing the smooth muscle of the gallbladder.
  • Artemisia Argyi Extract helps the gallbladder contract more regularly so the gallbladder empties more often and expels dissolved stone particles and stone forming bile.
  • Ginseng, Chelidonium, Tumerin Extracts further reduces cholesterol and fat in bile, thus making it extremely unlikely for bile to form new stones.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need to treat my stones? A: Yes! Unless gallstones are treated they continue to grow in your gallbladder. Eventually they can cause serious pain and organ damage. If you or someone you know has a stone, it's important to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Q: Is GallCleanse safe? Does it have any side effects? A: GallCleanse is an all-natural blend of herbal extracts and minerals. It is completely safe with no known side effects or adverse reactions. Over the past 2 years its safety has been validated through successful use by thousands of patients. However, we do not recommend you use the product if you are pregnant or nursing. As a precaution GallCleanse is also not recommended for children.

Q: Does GallCleanse need a prescription? A: No. However, many doctors recommend GallCleanse as a safe and natural way to eliminate or prevent gallstones

Q: How soon will GallCleanse begin to work on my gallstones? A: GallCleanse begins working as soon as you take the first capsule. The Dissolvent quickly works on the stone surface and the Flush gradually keeps eliminating smaller particles that come off the stone. The actual time that it takes to completely dissolve and flush your particular stone depends on its size and chemical composition. Beware of any firm guaranteeing immediate results since it is impossible to say exactly how long a stone will take to break down completely. There are no 'quick fixes', but GallCleanse goes to work as fast as medical science allows.

Q: How soon can I get GallCleanse? A: All orders are shipped same day and usually arrive within 12-24 hours. Gallstonesite has strategic fulfillment centers across the world for fast order processing so you can find relief within a day of ordering.

Q: Is your server secure? Is it safe to order online? A: Absolutely. We have one of the most secure ordering protocols in the industry. Our site uses advanced 128 bit encryption technology to protect your information and we never conduct transactions over third party servers. All orders are verified by the leading internet security company, VeriSign. Most importantly, in over ten years of business, we have never had any reported problems. Nonetheless, if you would rather order by phone, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: 1-800-760-9024.

Real Customers, Real Stories, Real Relief.

Every year we receive thousands of letters, phone calls and emails from customers who got rid of their gallstones with GallCleanse.

Do you have a success story you want to share? Call 1-800-760-9024or email testimonials@gallstonesite.com.

"GallCleanse is the best solution to gallstones. It gave me immediate relief. After a month of using GallCleanse, I passed my stone and feel full of energy. I wish I had found your product years ago. Thank you!"

- Calvin P, MA

"I had my first gallstone attack right after a family get-together in March. It hurt so much I thought my appendix had burst. The stone was simply too big to come out and I needed to flush this stone out at all costs. Fortunately, the remarkable properties of GallCleanse helped me flush it out at home. There is no other substitute for this wonderful cure."

- Terry L, KY

"I had 12 gallstones that were diagnosed by ultrasound. My doctor was adamant on refering me for a cholestectomy just to end my pain once and for all, however in June of last year I was introduced to GallCleanse to help flush my stones. This product worked like nothing I’ve ever tried. It began working amazingly fast. My pain subsided almost immediately and a followup ultrasound clearly showed the stones dissolved or were flushed out altogether."

- Marianne T, WA

"I'm a chronic gallstone former and have been forming them for years. Now at the age of 49, I can safely say I’ve tried next to everything to avoid surgery. GallCleanse is the only thing that actually flushed my stones. I recommend it to any gallstone sufferer who wants to find relief without surgery. It does breakup your stones and stops the pain."

- Tanya B, NH

"Dear GallCleanse Staff, Please add me to your long list of satisfied customers. I had 2 large cholesterol stones for years and my doctor never thought my stones could be dissolved. I’ve been on your product for about 3 weeks and have been passing pieces of my gallstone. I can’t thank you enough for helping me live a healthier life.”

- Grace L, TX

"I have never been diagnosed with gallstones, however I know that most women my age have some stones. Ever since I’ve been doing the Gallcleanse cleanse, I have felt light and full of life. This product has helped me keep my body on track."

- Suze R, MO

Our Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

At Gallstonesite, we realize that if you're seeking treatment for your gallstones, you have enough to worry about. That's why all of our products are backed by our iron-clad guarantee. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with our product, you have one full year to send the empty bottles back to us. You will get a full refund with no questions asked.

Try GallCleanseTM for Up to One Year Risk FREE!

Call now for your risk free trial of GallCleanse. Our live operators are here to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are ready to ship your order in a few hours. Please call us toll free at 1-800-760-9024.

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We use 128-bit encryption technology to ensure that your personal information is completely secure and never shared

Choose the Best GallCleanseTM Package for Your Gallstones:

*All packages have the same advanced GallCleanse formulation. Doctors recommend the three and six month therapies for more thorough cleansing and optimal gallbladder and liver function.

Monthly Gallstone Prevention Program (1 bottle Dissolvent + 1 bottle Flush/month)

Reg $39.99

per month

+ Free Shipping

365 day money back guarantee

With this special offer, there is no reason to avoid treating your gallstones. This program allows you to receive monthly low cost shipments so you can continue taking GallCleanse as a daily supplement in your gallstone prevention program.


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GallCleanse One Month Supply (1 bottle Dissolvent + 1 bottle Flush)

Reg $99 Now $69

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365 day money back guarantee

Fast Acting For Reliable Relief. This therapy goes to work immediately to dissolve existing stones and safely flush them away. For those who want to see the benefits of GallCleanse first-hand.

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GallCleanse 3 Month Supply (3 bottles Dissolvent + 3 bottles Flush)

Reg $297 Now $149

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365 day money back guarantee

Optimize Liver and Gallbladder Function. Our most popular option quickly stops pain and eliminates gallstones, while detoxifying your liver and improving gallbladder contractions. Not only prevents future gallstone attacks, the cleanse gives you increased energy levels and better overall health.

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GallCleanse 6 Month Supply (6 bottles Dissolvent + 6 bottles Flush)

Reg $594 Now $249

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365 day money back guarantee

Doctor Recommended For Best Long Term Results Our most comprehensive gallstone elimination and cleansing program. Effectively dissolve and flush out all gallbladder obstructions and resume optimal biliary system environment. Reduce bile cholesterol levels improve liver and gallbladder function to find permanent gallstone relief.

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